"This website is all about my journey to reach a new level in climbing. My plan is to do a 7b boulder problem and a lead route by the end of 2020." Which obviously did not work out 😅 It's the year of 2021 and I'm getting closer, but not too close. Anyway I am happy to have you on my blog and have fun reading my stories. So it is almost 2024 and I have a plan. A kind of training plan that I will share in some way on the site. Also getting much closer to the goal.

Current level


  • 6B
  • 6B+
  • 6C
  • 6C+
  • 7A
  • 7A+
  • 7B
  • 7B+
  • 7C


  • 6b
  • 6b+
  • 6c
  • 6c+
  • 7a
  • 7a+
  • 7b
  • 7b+
  • 7c