Not much but climbing

Winter time

It's been some days and weeks of getting a cold or flu, who knows really what but I still climb in between. I had some rough time seeing any progress even though I added more regular runs as well. Maybe I just overtrain myself but I think my endurance is improving on the wall.

I climbed some easier overhang routes to the top with only a mild pump, which would have been worse a couple of months ago I think. There was one great sunny day at Kletterhalle where I climbed/tried some harder routes and they went pretty well. It's still hard to keep the schedule, to do the endurance and the Kilter board sessions regularly. Now at least most of my community bouldering is projecting as well, since everyone has some hard thing to try and I just join in.

The only real change in my training is that I introduced daily 15 minutes stretching. I focus on lower body mobility as I can't spread my legs too far yet 🤣