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Back to the gym

What happened to me?

We had a nice day outside around Mödling starting with some very easy routes on a "training" wall. Then we headed out to find some more challenging ones, somewhere around 5c-6a. We found one very short at Untere Lausbubenwande, roughly 10metres, overhanging route with some powerful moves at the bottom. We managed to climb above the first clip, but not further.

For the second challenging one we had to hike into the deep woods. It looked like a perfect line, but seemed like after the second bolt the holds were nonexsistent. Also the fact that it started above a cave giving us some amount of exposure didn't help at all.

For the cool down we did a nice easy route with a link up at Efeugrat. We went around half way up on the route, then traverse to the right anchor. We thought that's the correct line but figured later that it goes to a different anchor on the left, but that was already in use and had a rope between us and the top. In any case this was a very nice one and a bit challenging where we split to the right.

Gym life

The climbing gyms are open in Vienna and there's a 100 person limit on them for now, so it's never crowded. It is refreshing to get some bouldering done. I think the biggest problem outdoors was that we couldn't really remember the right techniques. This 3 months lockdown was a long pause for climbing training. I feel like I still have the same strengh, but as soon as I hop on anything I wobble around. It starts to get better now that I had multiple sessions indoors. I can do a couple of 6b's and hopefully will manage some 6c's as well before going outdoors again in a couple of weeks time.