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Getting to the before lockdown level

Gym trainings

I had the chance to go to bouldering a couple of time per week and I can finally see some of the strengh and technique coming back. I could do some 6b's in Boulderbar (Hannovergasse) and in Blockfabrik also. My finger strength is still not on the level I had before lockdown, but slowly getting better.

What I realised is that I have to start to try harder problems. I have to level my game up, even if that means I try and fail on harder things more often. It's too comfortable to only climb 6A-6B and it won't improve my technique a lot.

Lutter Wand practicing

In the 32 degrees I went to climb with Emi and Christoph to Lutter Wand. There are lot of easy-ish routes, most of them polished, since it's close to the city. It was a good practice for Emi to belay us and also to climb a bit on less scary routes. She managed to climb some routes with really awful footholds and finding beta that we couldn't figure out.

At the end we climbed a 6- (5b French), which is the hardest in this year. It sounds awful, but actually I am pleased with it. I didn't feel that scared this time and I think my movements were better. Also this crag I think is better quality than the ones next to Mödling.