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Air conditioning

I was lost

I didn't have time to write and wasn't really in the mood to do anything, because so many things happened. In short, I started at a new company, bought a car, had some holidays.

But now I'm back again and hopefully can share more.

Try a new gym

One very warm weekend I didn't have any of my regular partners free so I went to give a go to a new climbing gym. It's very close to the Hauptbahnhof and has air conditioning, which I didn't know before, but it is soooooo nice.

I really like the place and they set some pretty nice problems. Not the most spacious, but it seems like it's never really too crowded.

Also I could do three 6C's in one session, which pretty much the level I left off before the lockdown happened. It was a super good feeling. The first one was a very nice traverse on fingertip sized holds, the second was more about compression and a very high feet. The third one was a bit overhang start, vertical end with big slopy, greasy holds.

Some slabs?

Roughly a week ago I planned with Christoph to go to Peilstein and spend a whole day training on sport routes outdoors. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side and had to opt to Marswiese for some indoor climbing.

We haven't really had an indoor lead climbing session for months now, so it was very interesting how our level dropped to 6a from 6b/+ . We got quickly pumped and struggled on two short routes after each other.

At the end of the session we climbed a 6a and a 6a+ 17 metres long slabs and that felt so good. I think it gave us enough confidence, we trusted our feet and our grip a bit more than usually.

This session came at the right time as I started to get bored with the bouldering and this gave me an extra boost. So much that the next session in Boulderbar Hanovergasse I managed to do a 6C+.