The site is back again


-Hi blog I'm back. -Hi back, I'm blog.

So I was away for quite a while. I managed to injure one of my fingers. As soon as it started to heal I tried something hard with a dynamic move and it went back to awful again. After more than a year now it feels mostly okay, but learning from the experience I still climb carefully. I am trying hard though and climbed 7a boulder and lead indoors.

Later I injured my knee while hiking just to make everything perfect. 不

Run for your life

I wasn't climbing anything hard and it felt like my climbing career (not like I have one) was over. So to help myself building up some endurance and maybe loose some weight I started to run. It's funny I just read back some post where I write about running with Emese who actually continued and ran some half-marathons since. I totally bailed and didn't want to do it again 不不不.

I signed up for a team run (4km) with some of my colleagues and to a 12km race in Tihany with my wife and her family. I was running quite a lot to prepare myself for the races and I finished my first 10km and then 12km. Overall I had fun in the process and there is a massive improvement in my general fitness.

I finished both races with better time than I ever expected. This sport will always stay as a secondary one though. I am still a climber. 儭

This is just a quick post to refresh the blog. My recent activities that I track on Strava are available through the menu and you can check out my profile here.

Me on the top of a climb in Chamonix
Me belaying in Chamonix with Mont Blanc in the background
Me climbing in Scheiblingkirchen
Me on the 12km race in Tihany