Get back to the level

Pandemic is over(-ish)

It took some time to finally get back to the safety of the indoor gyms. I think they were closed for 7 months, maybe even 8, but it sure seemed like an eternity.

I continued to go outdoors on weekends, when the conditions were suitable for climbing. My favourite spot so far is Dürnstein with spectacular view and great sandstone walls, which I think suits me better than limestone, or maybe this is less polished. Unfortunately the closest limestone crags are not in the best state. Most of the good routes are very polished.

Since the gyms opened again I had the chance to assess my level again. Fortunately it didn't drop that much as last time and I feel the benefit of the outdoor climbing. My footwork and problem reading improved. I trust my feet more than ever, which is super handy on tiny or slippery footholds. I manage my body position much better.

Change the mindset

It was a very tough couple of months in my climbing and personal life as well, with new and extended restrictions coming and going I lost the motivation to do anything. It took me some time to find it again.

One of the big push for me was the perspect of a holiday. An other one was that I got vaccinated.

Before leaving to spend some days in Arco I decided that I can't climb on the same level forever. I have never pushed myslef outdoors and rarely did indoors. It is time to try hard things. I can't fail more than I failed already and there's nothing to be scared of. What if I don't succeed? Nothing.

This is what I do now. I try 6c indoors and it seems like I can already do some on toprope, next time I will do it on lead. Smashing 6C boulders and I'm trying 7A's again with some minor successes. I have sessions when I barely finish climbs properly, but that's part of the process now. I do feel like I'm improving and will get better.

Hopefully in the next post I can write about a new grade I reached.

Me climbing with Dürnstein castle in the background
Me climbing with the Danube as a backdrop
Me climbing on the wall in Peilstein
Me climbing on a short wall in Kaltenleutgebener Tal
Me climbing in Arco