Lockdown again, with bouldering

It's a shame

Another lockdown started at some point last year. I'm not even sure when was it. We managed to climb outdoors at Thalhofergrat on the very last day when the gyms were still open. Around 1pm it started to rain, so we went to Boulderbar Wienerberg and climbed our heart out with the feeling that it might be the last in the year.

And it was. At least indoors.

The gyms are still closed.

Buy a bouldering mat

So before the big holidays I managed to get my hands on a bouldering mat, so the road was open to do some climbing outside. I can't even start to tell how many articles I read about conditions for outdoors. I didn't think I will ever spend hours outside in winter again and I was standing there in snow, thick fog and wind.

Having a car definitely made a difference though. Without that I would have gone mad already. I tried to go outside every week and it is quite alright, but I'm not sure I understood how hard outdoor bouldering is, or at least around this area. It's really tricky, sometimes here's a flash of a 6B and then on the other block I can't even start a 5C. I realised that I have to do more climbing on steep overhangs indoors. My core is just plainly weak.

I uploaded some photos, it's mainly taken in Merkenstein.

I'll try

I wasn't up for writing here for a while. Way too many things happened in the past couple of months and also almost nothing happened. I'll try to do a better job writing down my thoughts regularly.

Me sitting on a bouldering mat, putting shoes on
Me climbing on a wall, doing a heel hook
Sitting front of a cave on a bouldering mat
Me holding a guide book and looking up front of a snowy background
Me climbing up on a wall
Me on the wall looking for the next hold
Me climbing above the boulder mat, holding a jug
Me holding onto the rock in a frog position